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Deciphering Handwriting

While looking at the 1895 Census images last week, I found a record that I believe belongs to one of my great-grandfathers, Brencis Līcītis. The Brencis Līcītis listed here is around the right age. Brencis is a fairly uncommon first name, and Līcītis is even less common so chances are good that this is the […]

Tombstone Tuesday - Latvian DPs, 1948

My “Tombstone Tuesday” submission isn’t the tombstone for one person, but rather, a memorial to many.

I am currently in Copenhagen, Denmark, and one of my main reasons for coming here was to visit this memorial (click on the image to view a larger one):

It is the memorial to Latvians who died in exile in Denmark […]

Deutsches Auswandererhaus Bremerhaven

I’ve mentioned previously that I am currently traveling in Europe. At the moment, I’m in Germany, and two days ago, I paid a visit to the Deutsches Auswandererhaus Bremerhaven – the German Emigration Center in Bremerhaven, a port from which 7.2 million emigrants departed for the New World between 1830 and 1974. This number included […]

Working With The 1895 Census

I have had a bit of time now to look at some of the Latvian records for the 1895 All-Russia Census, though I am still on holiday. Just can’t keep away from the genealogy!

The form format is predictable, even if the languages in the headers seem to change – the Krustpils headers are solely in […]