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Project Update – January 31, 2010

The Latvian Record Project and the Latvian Surname Project have been updated!

The Surname Project has 100 new names, including KALĒJS and ZVEJNIEKS.

The Record Project has 368 new records in Limbaži marriages 1890-1899.

That’s all for this update! Updates will happen, on average, every ten days.

Surname Saturday – Kukurs

This edition of Surname Saturday is about the surname Kukurs.

I have chosen this surname for two reasons – a person with this surname in my family tree is currently giving me trouble, and I happened across the definition of this word in my Latvian etymological dictionary while looking for something else.

The root of the word […]

Forename Friday – “Saule”

Today’s edition of Forename Friday is dedicated to names derived from the word “saule”, meaning “sun”.

Names derived from “saule” are not very popular, even though a number of them exist. But when I searched the PMLP personal name database for names involving “saule”, the first result surprised me – Saulcerīte, with 117 entries (name day […]

Latvian Genealogical Society

There quite a number of people interested in Latvian genealogy, but there is no Latvian genealogical society.

Until now!

If you’re interested in helping start up the Latvian Genealogical Society, please go and read this page on my main site, and send me an email!

I’ve also revamped my website layout, hopefully it is easier to follow now. […]

Important Latvian/German/Russian Words

Language can be one of the biggest obstacles to tracing Latvian genealogy. However, it is not an insurmountable one. Most records follow specific patterns, and once you know what to look for in the patterns, you can easily find what you are looking for.

Most Latvian religious records are not in Latvian. They are usually in […]

Forename Friday -

The genea-blogging community has Surname Saturday, so why not Forename Friday? This is not meant to exclude those from cultures where given names appear after surnames, but there is no day of the week starting with a G for “given name”, so this is the next best option. Feel free to participate in talking about […]

Project Updates – January 21, 2010

The Latvian Record Project and the Latvian Surname Project have been updated!

The Surname Project has 61 new names, including LAPSA and DZĒRVE.

The Record Project has 1075 new records, including Limbaži baptisms 1900-1905, Lēdurga baptisms 1900, Limbaži marriages 1900-1905, Lēdurga marriages 1900 and Suntaži marriages 1900-1905. For all records, Limbaži is missing 1904 and Suntaži is […]

Latvian Record Project

Now it is time for the unveiling of my most ambitious project – the Latvian Record Project!

That’s right, I’m working on transcribing and indexing all of the Latvian records that I can. I’m starting with Lutheran church records, and will move on to the Latvian portions of the All-Russia Census at some point.

The only records […]

Navigating Raduraksti

I make many references to LVVA’s Raduraksti. It is the best resource for people researching their Latvian family history if they’re not able to go to the LVVA itself. The collection of documents available there is growing – recently they also added revision lists for some towns and cities.

But the website can be a bit […]

Latvian Surname Project

Squeaking in for Surname Saturday (in somebody else’s timezone…)…

Today, I bring you the launch of the Latvian Surname Project!

The most common search term that brings people to my blog is “Latvian surnames”. Therefore, I thought starting a resource on Latvian surnames and their meanings could be helpful to a lot of people.

So far, there are […]