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Often, there is the town/village proper, as well as the surrounding country territory that was called by the same name – for example, the town of Limbaži, and the surrounding Limbažu parish. Therefore, in these records, if your ancestors lived in the country, go for “pagasts”, if they lived in town, go for “miests” or “pilsēta”. If you don’t know, or they lived on the outskirts of town, check both.

I hope that this guide makes your searches on “Raduraksti” more fruitful!

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  1. Brenda:

    THANK YOU, Antra! This is of tremendous assistance to this wonderful site.
    -Brenda :-)

  2. Brenda:

    Another comment (favour :-)
    Could you tell us the German and Latvian words for born, baptized, marriage, and died/death? That would be very helpful as the church registers are predominantly in German in the 19th century, and sometimes it’s hard to tell when the pages have changed from one event to another.

  3. Rita:

    This is a wonderful resource. A map of latvian “pagasts” that surround a particular city is very helpful to determine which files to review as some files contain 100s of records.

  4. Usdin:

    Great site, but unfortunately it is impossible to open it since this morning.

  5. Antra:


    Raduraksti does have a tendency to go down over the weekend every couple of weeks or so. I’m not sure what the cause is, but it certainly is annoying when Sunday night is the best time you have to work on genealogical matters! Hopefully it will be up again in the morning. It usually is fixed pretty quickly on Monday morning.

  6. Margret McPharlin:

    Hello from Australia,

    I am searching for any info on my fathers family. GRASIS.. my father is Juluis Grasis and his father was Janis, his mother Alliccia(maybe spelt wrong) both divorced? and remarried? my grandmother became Bruveris..and my grandfather had a new wife who had already 2 or 3 sons. they lived on a farm. He was carpenter by trade and served in the Russian army. My Aunt Veronica died in childbirth and had 2-3 childre 3 boys are Dainis and Janis…Dainis has a daughter and 2 marriages again names unknown the daughter is Zentina Veronica..I do not know my Aunts married name but her husband could be Milo Delin of similar. My father was born in Bauska and my Grandmother lived in Riga all her life and cleaned a school. Dainis and his daughter lived with her possibly till she died..can anyone help?
    cheers Margret

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