Ancestor Approved Award!

Thank you, everyone, for reading! While work has ended up taking up a lot of my time, over the past weekends I have been able to churn out some record and surname work for the Surname Project and the Record Project. Stay tuned for project updates coming in the next few days!

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  1. Mara Sprogis:

    We lost track of our uncle who apparently fled to the United States during World War II and never did find out what happened to him. I found your blog most interesting and I don’t think anyone realizes the amount of time it takes to research all that information that you have come up with. It is incredible.

    Our only resource in the 60′s was the Red Cross and although they tried to find our uncle we were not successful.
    No computers in those days unfortunately and even if there had been we didn’t have the resources until we graduated and started earning ourselves.

    Thank you for all the incredible information.

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