Project Update – April 22, 2010

The Latvian Surname Project has been updated!

I have added 80 new names, including MUITNIEKS and SALNA. I went to records in several different corners of Latvia for this one, so there are names from parishes such as Rucava in the west and Saliena in the east.

I’ve got a big push of indexed records to add, but Raduraksti has been down all day so unfortunately I was not able to finish that one tonight for the Record Project. Hopefully it’ll be up tomorrow so I can complete the indexing that I wanted to finish before releasing it.

Two side projects in the works – stay tuned!

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  1. Daina Lideks Dahlgren:

    For your surename lists, make sure you add Lideks and Kveps. Then there is Cimdins and Lusis, I’m sure you have that, it was quite common.

  2. Antra:

    Hi Daina,

    Do you have the parishes that these names are found in? I only add names when they’re attached to a specific parish. I have Lūsis in Limbaži, Lēdurga and Sidgunda, but I don’t have the others in any specific parish yet, so if you can tell me a parish, I can add them. Do you know what Lideks means? It isn’t a word I’m familiar with. Thanks!

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