War Stories

So my mission for the next couple of months is to educate myself more on this time period. It was an important period of Latvian history, and it might hold the key to answering some questions about different types of access to various Latvian genealogical records. I will be sure to share my findings here!

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  1. Chelli:

    Ah, I also didn’t realize Latvians would have moved east to avoid the WWI… WWI kind of fades into the background! My great grandfather’s family moved east from Tukums sometime before 1916, and moved back to Tukums sometime before 1921… the story I was told was that my great-great grandfather worked in a meat-packing plant and went to go to work one day and the plant was closed, he was told to go home. Now I can guess why!

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  3. J.M.:

    You’re completely right, World War 2 affected so many people’s lives, that the wars that came before that often fade to the background when we look at family history. This was a great post.

    Thanks for hosting the carnival!

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