Records after 1905

These are only the most popular types of records. Many others exist as well – look at local court documents, to see if your ancestor was involved in any civil or criminal cases. Rural land records, which I will discuss later, may also cover this time period. Consider all aspects of your ancestors’ lives to try and figure out what may have generated a written record. There are many possibilities!

Did I miss an important type of record? What kind of records have you had success with? Share in comments!

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  1. Brian Trusinsky:

    Maybe a silly question, but if some of this info interests me and you mention specific fonds and abstracts, how can I use that information (fond/abstract) to find out more about an individual? do I email (I’m in Minnesota and don’t speak/write Latvian)the Latvian State Historical Archives or the various registry offices? Some of the stuff (those things that are alphabetical) would seem to be easy to determine if they exist on a specific individual.

    Too bad you didn’t live in Latvia because you’d be a genealogist I’d hire!

  2. Antra:

    The various registry offices you would need to contact directly.

    As to the Latvian State Historical Archives, they do have some English-speaking staff members who might be able to assist you, but I’m not certain what their genealogical services cost or what they might offer for free. I visit in person, so I’m not sure what their distance services are like.

    Hopefully in a few years I will be living in Latvia :) Need to finish some more schooling first!

  3. Sirmulis:

    Hello, my surname is Sirmulis, can you please tell me as much as you know of it’s origins and as a matter of interest what it’s English equivalent is.
    Thankyou Andrew Sirmulis.

  4. Robert Blauberg:

    I believe my father, Woldemar Blauberg, was born in Riga on the 17 March 1937.
    I wish to have confirmation of this. Can you please help.

  5. bumanis:

    my mother was born in riga in 1926 her father was david johan bumanis. if you can help please
    many thanks

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