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Kurland Revision Lists!

I was looking around on Raduraksti, and I saw that they have posted what appears to be the full collection of the revision lists for rural Kurland (modern-day Kurzeme and Zemgale). They can be accessed by going “Saturs” -> “Dvēseļu revīzijas” -> “Lauku teritorijas”.

Revision lists are a great resource that take the place of censuses for the early and mid-19th century in Latvian research. They show family groups, ages, farm names and often previous residences. I will be providing a guide on how to use this resource soon.

Here’s hoping the lists for southern Livland (modern-day Vidzeme) make an appearance soon as well!

5 comments to Kurland Revision Lists!

  • Egle

    I did not manage to find your email Antra, so I am just leaving a comment here.. I am stuck with my family tree in the end of 19th century in Latvia.. Latvian archives can’t find anything with the information that I know (they are still looking for 6 months now), there is nothing in Raduraksti and I can’t ask anyone because everyone is dead by now. But I am not giving up :)

    I got one Latvian relative and I don’t know how he end up his life.. He was a guerilla in Ventspils.
    I was wondering, have you heard anything about Latvian guerillas (partisans) during-after WWII? Is there any book about it? Any organisation or museum?

    The other thing that I am interested.. is there any book about Ventspils history with a list of Ventspils mayors before and afer WWII? I could not find any information in english online..

    Please let me know if you have heard anything about it ;) Don’t look specially though..

  • In terms of the resistance -there is an occupation museum which focuses on the occupation by the Germans in WWII and then the Soviet occupation. I haven’t been there, but they may have exhibits and may be a resource to contact. I have found their website online, so just google it if you were not already aware of it. Good luck!

  • Maria

    I’m looking forward to reading your guide to the revision lists. It’s a challenge to find the right place to look, given the minimal guidance provided in the indices.

    In the meantime, I found some of my ancestors’ farms in the “Tukuma draudzes Grenču (Grendsen) bruņniecības muižas” collection, with numbered lists of farms and/or principal (male) tenants at pages 35 (1811), 118 (1816), 359 (1826), and 509 (1850). If anyone else is researching the rural Grenči area, this may help.

  • Antra


    What is the information you have? It is rare that there is absolutely no trace of someone, so I’m sure something can be found somewhere :)

    The partisans you speak of, are they the mežabrāļi (Forest Brothers)? I don’t know much about them, but I agree with what Brian said, and you should try the Occupation Museum – they may have some more information or sources you could try.

    As to Ventspils history and mayors, I’d try contacing the city of Ventspils directly. They should be able to provide you with that information. I’d try the city museum or archives first.

  • Egle

    Thank you everyone for your ideas! It was definitely worth to try everything because I found the guerilla, mayor of Ventspils I was looking for! You won’t believe me what helped me… forum! I would say now, people, don’t be afraid to post messages on genealogy forums, you would never believe who is looking through them!

    By the way, I am still waiting for answer from Latvian archives, my ancestors seem to have disappeared in time!

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