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Surname Saturday – Government Approved, Part 3

Sorry for the long delay, school has been absolutely out of hand! But the summer arrives a week from now, so hopefully there will be more time to write here. I believe I’ve caught up on my email correspondence recently as well, so if you haven’t received a response from me, please resend your email, just in case technology made emails vanish somewhere along the way.

Onto the names! These follow earlier posts of Government Approved, Part 1 and Government Approved, Part 2. Part 4 still to come!

This week’s category: Names from Nature – animals, plants and anything “from the earth”. I’d consider this the most common category of Latvian surnames. Though if you don’t see your exact name here, don’t panic – the authorities did not recommend diminutive forms, but most often people disregarded that and went with them anyway. So if your surname looks like a name on this list, but ends in -iņš or -ītis instead, it will have that same origin. As before, modern renditions in brackets. If I am not familiar with a name, I’ve made my best guess as to how it would be rendered in modern spelling.

The book divides these names into separate categories, based on animal/plant category, so I will do the same.

Ahpsis (Āpsis) Ahsis (Āzis) Auns (Auns) Bebris (Bebris)
Ehrkschķis (Ērkšķis) Esis (Ezis) Kuils (Kuilis) Kurmis (Kurmis)
Lahzis (Lācis) Luhsis (Lūsis) Pelle (Pele) Rohnis (Ronis)
Saķķis (Zaķis) Sirgs (Zirgs) Stirnis (Stirna) Wahweris (Vāveris)
Wehrsis (Vērsis) Zauns (Cauns) Zirksnis (Cirksnis)

Appohgs (Apogs) Ballodis (Balodis) Dadsitis (Dadzītis) Dsehrwis (Dzērvis)
Dsilnis (Dzilna) Duķķeris (Dūkuris) Ehrglis (Ērglis) Gahrnis (Gārnis)
Gaigalis (Gaigala) Gailis (Gailis) Irbe (Irbe) Kauķis (Kauķis)
Kimmuls (Kimulis) Kraukls (Krauklis) Lehlis (Lēlis) Meddenis (Mednis)
Paipale (Paipala) Ruhbens (Rubens) Sihls (Sīlis) Sohss (Zoss)
Stahrks (Stārķis) Stehrsts (Stērste) Strasds (Strazds) Swahpulis (Zvapulis)
Swirbulis (Zvirbulis) Tetteris (Teteris) Tihteris (Tītars) Uhpis (Ūpis)
Wannags (Vanags) Zahlis (Cālis) Zihrulis (Cīrulis)

Assers (Asaris) Grundulis (Grundulis) Kihsis (Ķīsis) Lihdegs (Līdaka)
Plaudis (Plaudis) Renģis (Renģis) Ruhdulis (Rudulis) Sams (Sams)
Sandarts (Zandarts) Sebris (Sebris) Silķis (Silķe) Skaunats (Skaunats)
Steepats (Stiepats) Suttis (Zutis) Taims (Taimiņš) Wimbis (Vimba)

Bitte (Bite) Dsirneklis (Zirneklis) Gleemesis (Gliemezis) Sissenis (Sisenis)
Spihguls (Spīgulis) Tauriņsch (Tauriņš) Wehsis (Vēzis) Zirzens (Circenis)

Ahbols (Ābols) Alksnis (Alksnis) Apsis (Apse) Behrse (Bērzis)
Eewe (Ieva) Egle (Egle) Ehrkschķis (Ērkšķis) Gohba (Goba)
Kahrklis (Kārklis) Klawa (Kļava) Leepa (Liepa) Ohsis (Osis)
Ohsols (Ozols) Pihladsis (Pīlādzis) Preede (Priede) Puhpuls (Pūpols)
Reekstis (Rieksts) Lusters (Lusters) Wihtols (Vītols) Zehrmauksis (Cērmauksis)

Appins (Apinis) Aschķis (Ašķis) Baldriņsch (Baldriņš) Dadsis (Dadzis)
Grihslis (Grīslis) Kahlis (Kālis) Kahposts (Kāposts) Ķiploks (Ķiploks)
Linnis (Līnis) Lohkis (Loks) Lupstagis (Lupstagis) Maggons (Magone)
Meirahns (Meirāns) Nahtris (Nātre) Papardis (Paparde) Rahziņsch (Rāciņš)
Rohsis (Roze) Rutks (Rutks) Sinnaps (Sinepes) Sirnis (Zirnis)
Steebrs (Stiebrs) Suhnis (Sūnis) Swammis (Zvamis) Waiwariņsch (Vaivariņš)

Akmins (Akmens) Alluhns (Alūns) Alwa (Alva) Dselsis (Dzelzis)
Kalķis (Kalķis) Klints (Klints) Mahls (Māls) Missiņsch (Misiņš)
Sahls (Sāls) Sehrs (Sērs) Selts (Zelts) Smilkts (Smilkts)
Sudrabs (Sudrabs) Sweķis (Sveķis) Swins (Svins) Swirgsdis (Zvirgzdis)
Tehrauds (Tērauds) Warsch (Varš)

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  • judy gray

    hello im looking for any information regarding my mothers name which was muncis and also danielis…….many thanks

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