Wordless Wednesday – Last Looks, c. 1945-1955

The last photo I have of my great-grandparents Brencis and Jūle (b. Štelmāhere) Līcītis. I believe it was sent to their daughters in Canada sometime in the late 1940s, since Brencis died somewhere around that time, and Jūle died in 1959.

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  1. Mara R-N:

    Hi — I love the idea of collecting all of this. In time, your readers might help you with info to post about each farm, name, etc.

    Here are my names:

    Robezgruntnieks — see my grandfather Maksimilian’s 2 photos here:


    Kiris — there used to be a similar photo of him at the above web site, but now it’s missing. ?

    Mezdures, (with the diacritical over the z), the Robezgruntnieks place
    Klivi (the neighbor farm, which is shown on Google maps via a search; “Klivu kapi” [a private cemetery) is on their land, and many of my family are buried there

    Luikas, the Kiris farm.
    Staldes, the neighboring brother’s farm, which is on the Goog maps.

    Re your bio: I went to Carleton too — only it was Carleton College in Minnesota. I went to Latvian Saturday school too.

    I wish you much success with building this site.

    Mara Robezgruntnieks-Niels

  2. Vija Klive:

    I want to leave a message for Mara Robezgruntnieks-Niels.
    In the 1990s my late husband Visvaldis Klive reclaimed the Klive farm & got it back. After my husband s death in 2003, the property is officially owned by his son Saulvedis. Saul & I live in Riga, but visit the farm often. Within the property is Klivu kapi, which is owned by Vecumnieku pagasts or county. The cemetery is not a private cemetery. Within it are the graves of many families. The Klive family grave is there, and next to it is a grave place with the name of Robezgruntnieks on the stone. When we go to tidy the Klive family grave, we often tiday up the Robezgruntnieks gravesite as well, if no one else does it.
    Hope this information is helpful.

  3. Mara R-N:

    Dear Vija — Thank you for writing! And thank you for taking care of the graves of my dear relatives. I visited Klivu Kapi in 1992, and I was told that one of the very old stones (which has deteriorated too much to read the writing that was formerly there) was also a Robezgruntnieks grave from an earlier generation. I would love to write to you directly and will try to leave a message for this website owner to send you my email, in case you would indulge me. — Thank you! –Mara

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