Latvian Genealogy Primer – Part 1

“A Millenarian Migration: Vārpa” by Arnolds Kārklis. Story of the history of the Vārpa colony.

ROOTS=SAKNES by Bruno Martuzāns. A wonderful resource on Latvian history and genealogical documents in context.

Also the following books (mostly in Latvian):

Apine, Ilga. 1905-1907 gada revolūcija Latvijā un latviešu sociāldemokrāti. Rīga, 2005.

Kārklis, Maruta, Līga Streips and Laimonis Streips. The Latvians in America: 1640-1973. New York, 1974.

Krasnais, Vilberts. Latviešu kolonijas. Melbourne, 1980.

Melnalksnis, Augusts. Latviešu kolonijas. Valmiera, 1918.

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  2. Jamie:

    My great grandpa David Appel was born in Latvia and so was his wife,Etta Lianskey.
    they were married 1910. They had my grandpa George Appel 1914 born in Cook County Illinois. My great grandma was born in Prague Checkoslavakia, in 1879 name Caithamer. Thats all I know about my descendants. Will continue looking on sites you mention.

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