In the coming weeks, Tombstone Tuesday will be featuring Latvian tombstones that I photographed while in Latvia. I only photographed tombstones with death dates prior to 1945, to maintain privacy. I have no further information on these people besides what is found on the tombstone.

Inscription: “DzÄ«vÄ“ mīļš, nāvÄ“ neaizmirsdams.” (Loved in life, unforgettable in death)

Graves: Jēkabs Putniņš, born September 24, 1842, died February 2, 1908; Voldemārs Putniņš, born December 13, 1875, died June 7, 1898; Anna Putniņš born Brandenburg, born February 9, 1855, died November 10, 1909.

Location: Dubulti cemetery, JÅ«rmala.

My transcription is in modern orthography, but the tombstone is written in the old orthography that would have been used in the early 20th century, but due to the good condition of the monument, I think it might be a more recent addition/replacement that simply preserved the old style.

Tombstone Tuesday – Putniņš Family
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