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C is for Census

Time for the letter C in the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge!

C is for Census

Census records are key genealogical records in most countries. Latvia is no exception. However, accessing and interpreting Latvian records can be a bit of a challenge.

The first census available for Latvia is the 1897 All-Russia Census. This is the only […]

B is for Baptists and Brazil

Now up on the Family History through the Alphabet challenge…

B is for Baptists and Brazil

Now, you may be wondering what Baptists have to do with Brazil, and what either have to do with Latvia. Quite a lot actually!

Towards the end of the 19th century, while there were still lots of people emigrating from Europe to […]

Ā is for Ārlaulības Bērns

Continuing on with the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge, using the Latvian alphabet!

Today’s challenge… “Ā”! This is the first of the Latvian letters that we’ve got in this challenge. This letter makes a long A sound.

Ā is for Ārlaulības Bērns

“Ārlaulības bērns” means “child born out of wedlock”. This notation happens sometimes in Latvian documents, […]

Family History Through the Alphabet - A is for Archives

I’ve decided to participate in the “Family History through the Alphabet” challenge. I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ll make up for it, don’t worry!

Just how will I do that? Well, I’m going to be using the Latvian alphabet. Which, while still being a Latin alphabet, has several significant differences from the English […]