Ļ is for Ļaudis

We’ve stumbled onto a particularly difficult letter for the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge… Ļ. “Ļ” is an odd letter – sort of like the “ll” in “million”, with more of a “y” added to it.

The only word that I could come up with for this letter is a surname, “Ļaudis”. It means “people” or “folk”. I have seen it as a surname in the Smiltene area. Being technically a plural, it is not a common name. However, a related surname that I’ve seen more often has been “Cilvēks”, which simply means “person”. I have seen this surname in Bauska and Lielvārde.

Want to see more unusual surnames? I’m completely revamping my Latvian Surname Project, stay tuned for its re-launch sometime soon!

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  1. Gould Genealogy:

    I’m looking forward to your relaunch of the Latvian Surname Project. I shall be watching for it.

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