If you’ve been paying attention to the Latvian Surname Project, you’ll have noticed that I’ve filled in some gaps in the map on the front page – having added names from the parishes of Ainaži, IpiÄ·i, Lode and Vaidava, I now have some names for all of the parishes of pre-war Valmiera county! The parishes are no means complete – I’m not sure if they could ever be – but having something for each of them is an important step.

My next goal with the Latvian Surname Project is to increase the names that I have in the parishes I have already started. A huge number of them only have one or two names listed, and right now I’m in the process of fixing that. Before I add more parishes, I aim to have at least 5-10 names for each of the parishes currently active. Then I will build on that and add new parishes. A straightforward method I’m using to add names to parishes is by using the revision lists – you’ll see that a number of new estates have been added as a result.

New parishes added recently – Ainaži, IpiÄ·i, Lode, Vaidava in Valmiera county, KārÄ·i and Omuļi in Valka county

New surnames added recently – RUNGA (cudgel or bat), OGLE (coal), GRĪNBERGS (green hill), SELGUS (clarity).

Do you have any names to add? Read the guidelines on the front page of the project and add your comments here!

Surname Saturday – Missing Parishes!
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One thought on “Surname Saturday – Missing Parishes!

  • September 28, 2013 at 3:08 am

    Hi Antra, I will add from the Revision lists I have visited. I can’t always read all the entries, but am able to read some of them, if this helps. Keep up the good work!

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