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Summer Fun Course on Surnames!

So I’ve decided to do a little mini-course this August all about surnames! It will be a light and fun exploration of the intricacies of surnames in Latvia – their acquisition, their meanings, their geographic reach and so on.

This course can be summed up with the phrase “How? Who? Where? What?” – these are the […]

Patreon Debut!

This week marks the start of a new era of Discovering Latvian Roots!

I’m committing to a new blogging/social media schedule, and the reason for that is I’m also opening up my offerings to include Patreon! You can find the details of that new blogging/social media schedule at the link.

In brief, Patreon is a website that […]

New Genealogy Courses Starting in May!

As you may recall, in February I started my first beginners’ course in Latvian genealogy. It is still running, and it has been an intense experience for all involved! But everyone (including me!) is learning a lot, so I think that further sessions of the course can help more people, so the next sessions will […]

Beginners’ Course in Latvian Genealogy!

Big announcement today – Starting on February 9th, I will be running an online 12-week beginners’ course on Latvian genealogy, where we will start with the basics of Latvian research using online sources.

I know getting into the records can feel intimidating, especially if you don’t know the languages involved. But we were all beginners once, […]

Planning a Summer Trip?

Summer is in full swing, and this starts to be the time when many Latvian emigrants and their descendants make a summer trip to the homeland. Will that be you?

Latvia is a beautiful place to visit in the summer, especially the countryside. Also remember that this year Rīga is one of the European Capitals of […]

Missed Diary Entries

With everything that has been going on, I missed posting two of the diary entries from my great-great-aunt’s First World War diary. I have now posted and backdated them, so you can go back to take a look: November 25, 1916 and November 30, 1916. Sorry about that! The rest will be published as planned.

Time for the Third Puzzle!

What do you have to solve this week? Just a simple keyword puzzle. By solving this puzzle, you’ll reveal the tools that you need to solve the puzzles *within* the “A President For His Country” short story, which is coming soon!

Advance knowledge on how to solve the puzzles will be a great asset – you’ll […]

Come Solve The Next Puzzle!

The newest puzzle is available on my fiction site!

This time, you will be revealing the name of the short story – and by doing so, find your way to the prologue of the story!

As before, first ten comments get a free story-themed bookmark! Good luck solving it!

What Are You Looking For?

This blog has been going for over three and a half years! Over the years, I’ve made a number of different posts, and I’ve decided to put this post together to highlight some key posts that are particularly useful for helping you find your Latvian ancestors. This is intended to help new visitors to this […]

Questions? Surnames? One-Name Studies? One-Place Studies? All Here!

Looking for information on what your surname means, but it isn’t listed in the Latvian Surname Project?

Have a question about Latvian genealogy that doesn’t specifically relate to a post here, but not sure where to post it?

Interested in starting a One-Name or One-Place Study for a Latvian name or parish, but a bit intimidated as […]