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Pay Close Attention to Document Numbers

Many genealogical documents contain not only information about your ancestor, but clues on how to find out even more. But do you know how to read those clues?

Documents and records lead to more documents and records. This is a given. However, the path a genealogist needs to take to get from one to the other […]

A Needle In A Haystack: Rīga Census Records

Census records are typically heralded as the Holy Grail of genealogical documents: Family groups, relationships, ages, occupations, and more, easily accessible (as long as there is a search function, or if you know precisely where they lived) right at your fingertips.

Clearly, whoever says this has never tried finding anyone in the city of Rīga in […]

Rīga Passport Database Index is Available!

Okay, so admittedly, I’m late with this post, since the database I’m going to talk about came online a few months ago, but with the other projects I’ve got going on, I hadn’t gotten around to this post yet. Better late than never!

If you’ve been paying attention to Raduraksti over the past few months, you’ll […]

Dates Before 1834

If you’ve spent any time in the Latvian church records on Raduraksti, you’ll have probably noticed that in most cases, the earliest records of births, marriages and deaths you’ll find is 1834 or 1835 (for ethnic Latvians, records for Germans sometimes go further back). On the rare occasion you’ll find earlier records, but use of […]

Saving Time on Death Records

All genealogists know that “killing off” – that is, establishing precise death dates and places – your ancestors is important. It helps prevent them from being confused with other people, explains why they weren’t at later events/places, and so on. But if you don’t have a clue as to when they died, this can be […]

Diploma of Aleksandrs Francis – July 4, 1944

My grandfather Aleksandrs Francis attended the Jelgava Academy of Agriculture and graduated in 1944. He had also spent some time in Uppsala, Sweden, in a student exchange at Uppsala University. This is the diploma that was issued to him on July 4, 1944.

Original document in possession of the family.

Aleksandrs Francis, born on September 24th 1920, […]

Rīga Banns – Week of June 23, 1925

Part of my series of publishing the banns read in Rīga in the interwar period. See this post for more details.

June 20, 1925 (Latvijas Vēstnesis [Latvian Herald], June 26, 1925)

Eižens Nikolājs Pillings (Jelgava) and Marija Anna Feldt (Rīga)
Merchant Fridrichs Kārlis Heine (Frankfurt) and Margareta Lukomski (Saint Petersburg)
Nikolājs Stoļarovs (Rīga) and Anna Strutinska (Rīga)
Cook Vladimirs Šendels […]

What Are You Looking For?

This blog has been going for over three and a half years! Over the years, I’ve made a number of different posts, and I’ve decided to put this post together to highlight some key posts that are particularly useful for helping you find your Latvian ancestors. This is intended to help new visitors to this […]

Rīga Banns – Weeks of June 9 and June 16, 1925

Sorry I missed last week!

Part of my series of publishing the banns read in Rīga in the interwar period. See this post for more details.

June 8, 1925 (Latvijas Vēstnesis [Latvian Herald], June 9, 1925)

Carpenter Kārlis Zariņš (Aloja) and Emīlija Emsiņa (Rūjiena)
Iron-cutter Ernsts Veile (Rīga) and Marija Elza Eglīte (Rīga)
Chauffeur Jānis Fridrichs Alberts Brodiņš (Jaunmuiža) and […]

Rīga Banns – Week of June 2, 1925

Part of my series of publishing the banns read in Rīga in the interwar period. See this post for more details.

June 3, 1925 (Latvijas Vēstnesis [Latvian Herald], June 4, 1925)

Student Arvīds Borga-Vepris (Sātiņi) and Elza Leontine Lausteine (Celmenieki)
Shoemaker Krišjānis Priede (Nereta) and Anna Galveniece (Sauka)
Technician Arturs Veide (Valmiera) and Eleonora Trīne Kuvalde (Jelgava)
Student Kārlis Roberts […]