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I currently live in Latvia and can thus help you with your research, photographs, tours, etc. Please email me at (note: this is an image to prevent spam, you will have to type it in to your email program) to arrange any of the options. If you have not received a response within a few days, please leave a comment on any of my posts, and I will confirm whether or not I received your email. References from past clients are available. Payment via PayPal in US dollars preferred (or Interac eTransfer for Canadians).

Types of Services

Genealogy Research Projects: $25/hour. A retainer fee will be required. Please inquire for more details. It would be helpful to read this post to determine what your goals are and what kind of approach you would like me to take with your family history.

Guided Online Research: $20/hour. For this type of project, we will collaborate on finding your family in the online records available. Your job will be to look through the records for the family names you’re searching for, then send the found information to me, and I will help you piece families together, translate the documents found for your family (and collateral lines, if requested), and provide guidance on the next time periods and places to look through for the next records. This is a good option for you if you want to participate in the research process, while still receiving guidance on what to do and where to look. It is also more economical, since you will be doing the bulk of the searching, and thus only paying for time spent directly on your family. This can be a stepping stone towards further research on-site at a later date should you desire it.

Compilation of Sources: $25 per rural parish or small town, $50 for larger towns. Not available for Rīga, Daugavpils, Liepāja, Jelgava or Jūrmala, since these are large towns with huge amounts of resources available. This option is best for people who wish to conduct their own research, but want to know what is available before doing so. By choosing this option, I will compile a list of the sources available to you for the parish/town of your choosing, so that you have an idea of what kind of materials are available before making the trip to Latvia yourself. This can also save you time at the archives, since you will be able to request documents immediately rather than having to consult abstracts first (each step like this can take several days).

Evaluation and Organization of Information: $50 . If you have a lot of family documents, but don’t know where to start and need help organizing them before embarking on your family history journey, by choosing this option I will help you compile the relevant data into a comprehensive family tree. I will identify gaps that need to be filled, and can provide recommendations on how to best proceed with the research. Please note: You will need a scanner to send me the documents. Alternately, I can provide you with my address and you can send me photocopies. Don’t send originals please!

Self-Guided Tour: $150 per locale. If you are planning a trip to Latvia, I can create an itinerary that will take you to the relevant farms/parishes/landmarks in your ancestors’ stories. Please note: I will locate farmsteads/houses from the road. I will not enter properties or approach current residents. If you decide to do so during your visit to try and find potential relatives or people who might know about them, that is under your own risk and responsibility.

Guided Family History Tour: Inquire for prices, which would depend on length of trip, types of accommodation and my level of involvement (for example: Will you book accommodation/transportation, or will I be doing so, etc.). Please note that this is family history specific – while I can certainly provide historical context about different areas, I am not a professional tour guide, and in some cases this might limit what I am able to offer – such as the city of Rīga, where being a licensed tour guide is mandatory to provide tours for certain parts of the city, therefore I cannot currently do that (though I am looking into such licensing for the future).

Local Photo Montage/Cemetery Searches: Price will vary according to complexity of project. I can visit the locations your ancestors lived and take photographs for you, as well as search cemeteries for gravestones. At a minimum, your costs will include the cost of car rental (if visiting locations inaccessible by public transport) and accommodation if an overnight stay is required.

Artwork: Price will vary depending on complexity of project. Do you want a stylish visual of your family tree? Or a stylized map showing where your ancestors traveled to put on your wall? I can help create these sorts of art pieces for you. My usual mediums are either watercolour, acrylic or computer graphic design.