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Surname Saturday – Rudzītis

Today’s Surname Saturday name is Rudzītis!

This Latvian name is the diminutive of “rudzi”, which means “rye”. It is a relatively common surname, found in many Latvian parishes, including Bauņi, Galgauska, Dauguļi, Krāslava, Lēdurga, Limbaži, Nabe, Sece, Sidgunda, Skaņkalne, Stopiņi, Taurupe and Umurga.

Rye is a popular Latvian foodstuff, its most popular form being rye bread, […]

Short Story - Now Live!

Head on over to my fiction blog and read the genea-fiction short story, “A President For His Country”!

As I’ve said, this short story is only the beginning. I’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first novel! All of the information is over on my fiction blog!

If you’ve enjoyed the content on this blog over […]

Time for the Third Puzzle!

What do you have to solve this week? Just a simple keyword puzzle. By solving this puzzle, you’ll reveal the tools that you need to solve the puzzles *within* the “A President For His Country” short story, which is coming soon!

Advance knowledge on how to solve the puzzles will be a great asset – you’ll […]

Come Solve The Next Puzzle!

The newest puzzle is available on my fiction site!

This time, you will be revealing the name of the short story – and by doing so, find your way to the prologue of the story!

As before, first ten comments get a free story-themed bookmark! Good luck solving it!

My Fiction Project is Live!

So today I’m celebrating my fourth blogiversary! I started this blog on October 10, 2009, and it has been quite the adventure! More and more people are coming here to learn about how to find their Latvian roots. This is fantastic! Thank you all for reading, and I hope you’ve learned a lot! I know […]