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Forename Friday – Ziedīte

Today’s name is Ziedīte. This is a female name.

According to Klāvs Siliņš’ Latviešu personvārdu vārdnica (Dictionary of Latvian Personal Names), Ziedīte comes from the Latvian verb “ziedēt”, which means “to blossom”, and was first seen in 1915 in Zemgale, the southern part of Latvia. It was most popular in 1975, where it represented 0.03% of […]

Forename Friday - Zinta

Welcome back to Forename Friday! This will be a biweekly series looking at Latvian first names, chosen based on one of the names found in the Latvian calendar of names for that day.

Today’s name is Zinta. This is a feminine name, though there is a male form, Zintis, but that name is celebrated on January […]

Forename Friday – Fire and Light

Today’s Forename Friday is dedicated to given names that relate to fire and light.

This is an interesting category, because so many Latvian names come from it. But as I’ve mentioned before, even though there are many names in this category, the PMLP personal name database shows that for the most part, they are not frequently […]

Forename Friday – “Saule”

Today’s edition of Forename Friday is dedicated to names derived from the word “saule”, meaning “sun”.

Names derived from “saule” are not very popular, even though a number of them exist. But when I searched the PMLP personal name database for names involving “saule”, the first result surprised me – Saulcerīte, with 117 entries (name day […]

Forename Friday -

The genea-blogging community has Surname Saturday, so why not Forename Friday? This is not meant to exclude those from cultures where given names appear after surnames, but there is no day of the week starting with a G for “given name”, so this is the next best option. Feel free to participate in talking about […]