Revision Lists

Revision Lists were enumerations of local estate populations, similar to a census. These were carried out in the Russian Empire in a number of years, including 1816, 1834, 1850 and 1858. Like 19th century censuses in Western countries, these can prove to be a valuable tool in determining familial relationships, as well as determining where and when someone lived somewhere.

The lists I'm providing here are simple surname and farm name indexes. In each revision list, a family is assigned a number - in some parishes this number stays constant from year to year, in others it may change from year to year, at which point it will usually mention what the previous number was. House numbers usually stay constant from year to year.

The full records will include the names, ages and relationships of family members and which member of the farmstead is the landowner (since often numerous families lived on each farm). For males, it will also mention age at the time of the last list, or, if they did not live there at the time, where they were (by farm number if within the estate, by estate name if outside of the estate). Sometimes it will also mention when they moved there. The revision lists also indicate changes in population - it will still mention someone who lived there at the previous list, and indicate whether that person moved somewhere else, or if they died. This can sometimes mean that someone will appear in a parish twice - once under the farm they lived on at the previous list, and once at the one they are at now. Be aware of these changes.

All of the revision list indexes I have provided here are for 1834. I chose this year because this is around the time that available church records start to run out. Therefore, these lists can be valuable to learn more about the earlier generations.

Revision List Indexes - 1834

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