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Map of attested locations

Surname: Miezis

Origin: Latvian

Meaning: Barley

Old Spellings: Meesis, Meezis

Cyrillic Spelling: Мѣзис, Миезис

Handwritten Cyrillic: To be added

Variations and Alternate Spellings: Mieza, Mieze

Related Surnames: Miezītis, Miežuvārpa

Possible place name borrowing? Yes

Attested Locations: Bauska, Bīriņi, Inčukalns, Lēdurga, Limbaži, Mežotne, Pāle, Praviņi, Rīga, Ropaži, Sēļi, Skaņkalne, Skrunda, Stiene, Stopiņi, Vidriži, Zvārde

Famous individuals with this surname: Unknown

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