Welcome to the New Way of Storytelling!

by , under Introduction, Storytelling

Mixed media storytelling is on the rise. It promises a new way of engaging readers with the stories, aided by advances in technology and the Internet.

What is mixed media storytelling? Simply put, taking a story beyond the usual bounds of printed text on a page or e-reader/tablet. Images. Videos. Apps. Interactions in the “real world”. “Deleted scenes” from novels. Author’s notes. The possibilities really are endless.

It is my intention to embrace as many of these as possible in the creation of this genealogy fiction world. Now, they’re not all going to come at once. Some involve more of an investment than I’m currently able to fund. But hopefully, with some help from you, that will change. We can create an amazing creative world. We just need to take that first step.

Are you ready to take that step with me?