Come Get Your Special Features!

by , under Storytelling

The time has come for the first special feature of the Sailor in the Civil War project!

It has been quite awhile, I know. Things have been chaotic, and thus threw off the whole production schedule for this project. But it is still a go, and I am working hard to get everything I’ve been talking about and promising out as soon as possible.

And it starts right here! If you’ve read the brief for the Sailor in the Civil War project, you’ll know that the main character in the historical strand of the story is a young Latvian sailor by the name of Karl Gaigala. But how did he come to be in Russian Alaska? This is quite a distance from Latvia. Now you have the opportunity to find out! Click here: In Prelude – Part 1 you have an opportunity to go through a choose-your-own-adventure style introduction to the first part of Karl’s story. Part 2 is to come later!

Enjoy! And keep an eye out for the next special features – they’ll be following along soon!