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Come Get Your Special Features!

The time has come for the first special feature of the Sailor in the Civil War project! It has been quite awhile, I know. Things have been chaotic, and thus threw off the whole production schedule for this project. But it is still a go, and I am working hard to get everything I’ve been

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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation…

Are you ready to learn what you’ll need to solve the puzzles that will be appearing in the short story, “A President For His Country”? If so, you’ll want to head on over to the third puzzle page and solve the keyword code. The answer to that puzzle will give you the password you need

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Ready for an Excerpt?

The time has come! You can read the prologue for the short story that will be debuting here soon! But of course, you have to work for it! I’ve made this week’s puzzle a bit easier than last week’s, since it seems like a lot of people had trouble with it. Hopefully this one will

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