Support Aila Rye’s Genea-Fiction Series!

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The holidays may be over, but work on genea-fiction is not!

As December draws to a close, I’m working hard on my different projects, including this genea-fiction project featuring Aila Rudzīte. As you may have noticed, the Kickstarter campaign drew to a close at the end of December, having not met its goal on Kickstarter, but having met it outside of it, so I cancelled the campaign instead of letting it end as a “failure” even though it really didn’t fail.

But there’s always more to be done, so further contributions are still welcome! Head over to this page to read about how you can support my genea-fiction independently from Kickstarter, while still being able to get the rewards and backing perks that were available on Kickstarter. For these contributions, there is no deadline – contribute when you can!

To read more about the first Aila Rudzīte genea-fiction novel, tentatively called “Sailor in the Civil War”, you can click click here.

Happy New Year, and here’s to a year full of genea-fiction mysteries!