Puzzles: First Puzzle!


So you’ve decided to try your hand at some puzzles? Glad to have you on board!

We’ll start out with a simple one, if you want to learn the name of our new genealogy fiction heroine. But it will take some hunting! More puzzles will be added as time goes on, and soon you’ll be able to read the stories you came here for!

So what do you need to do for this puzzle?

  • First you will want to go to the Latvian Surname Project (link will open in a new window). Then find the name that means “lark”. (Hint: Use the “search” tool in the left sidebar!)
  • Follow the instructions and links that you find, until you are directed back to this page. Then take the information that you have gathered and put it into the gameboard below!
  • If at any time you decide you do not want to solve the puzzle, and just want to proceed directly to the content, just click on the “Take me to the content!” link in the sidebar now you can just click the “genea-fiction hero” link in the sidebar!

That’s it! Have fun!