Puzzles: Second Puzzle!

Okay, so it seems like the first puzzle may have been a bit too intricate. I should be easing you into the puzzle solving!

So here is your second puzzle, which you will need to reveal the name of the short story that will be published here. If you finish the puzzle correctly, then you will be able to use that name to access the prologue of the story. Excited?

We’ve got a simple substitution cipher here.


Now, you just need a key to solve it. For that, I present to you the top 3 most common Latvian surnames (without diacritic marks) in the same code as you will need above. What are the top 3 most common Latvian surnames? You can find that on my genealogy blog, Facebook page or by doing a web search. Once you have found them, match them to these three keywords, and you’ll be on your way to solving the puzzle above!


Once you’ve solved the puzzle, change the “second-puzzle” in the address bar to the name you found (with dashes between the words) and then you’ll find the prologue! As always, if you give up, just click the “Take Me to the Content!” link just click the “Excerpt” link in the sidebar. Good luck!