Getting Out of Riga

Have you searched for your ancestors in Rīga? Do you have any other tips to share for Rīga searches? Add them below!

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  1. Margret McPharlin:

    I have been searching for many years for my Grandfathers relatives “Janis GRASIS.”….I have no photto of him at all. he and my Grandmother remarried..she became Bruveris amd I do not have a name of his new wife..she had sons of her own…I am also rying to find the sons of myAunt Veronica,( she died in childbirth) Dainis and Janis my cousins..Dainis lived with our Gmother as both of his wifes died he has a daughter Zenta..of this side I have a few phottos….can anyone help

  2. Brenda:

    So glad to see you posting again!! :-)

  3. Jessica:

    Regarding the passports, the Latvia State Historical Archive also often has the passport photos. I was able to retrieve photos of my grandparents, who were from Libau/Liepaja, as well as photos of my great-grandparents, who were killed in 1941. Nobody in the family had ever even known the names of my great-grandparents previously so I was astonished when the archivist returned with not only their names but pictures of people who were unmistakably my grandfather’s parents. There are a large number of pictures in the archives from 1928, apparently due to new passport requirements that year, but I have one from 1922 of my grandfather, and one from as late of 1939 of a cousin (who also probably perished in 1941).

  4. Chelli:

    Also nice to see you posting again :) If I know someone was definitely in someplace in Latvia in 1940, but cannot find a Telephone number in the Telephone Directory…. safe to assume they just did not own a telephone?

  5. William Risch:

    Thanks for this blog! I’ve been searching for ancestors in Riga… talk about a needle in a haystack! I wound up spending the summer looking at Lutheran parish records for the entire city from 1895 to 1920 that were available on Raduraksti. The only major break came from a chance visit to the cemetery bureau in Riga. They had a burial record for my great-great grandmother in Matisa Cemetery. I’m not sure how complete the 1897 Census is for Riga. I skimmed the entire thing and couldn’t find my family. I took a look at one house record, and it would seem that the house had only about 5 apartments in it. Something tells me it’s an incomplete record.

  6. Pauline:

    Another great post! What a shame that more of this information isn’t available via the internet.

  7. Mark:

    Just starting research in Latvia and discovered this blog and its really helpful, have researched in UK and USA for many years but this is very different. My wife is Latvian and the name I am tracing in Midegs, which is quite an unusual name. Its great starting this journey from the beginning and if anyone has any pointers or advice before we really get started it would be much appreciated. We do travel back to Latvia often and wife my wife being Latvian it helps !!

  8. Māris Ulmkalns:

    Brilliant website, I cant believe I’ve only just found it!
    Hope you dont mind if I link to your site from mine.


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