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Wordless Wednesday – Smiltene Revolutionary Memorial

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Memorial to revolutionary Jānis Palkavnieks, killed here by a governmental punitive expedition in 1906, just outside of Smiltene. Photo taken by me, August 2014.

Wordless Wednesday – Jaunpils Lutheran Church

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Jaunpils Lutheran Church, Jaunpils, Latvia. Construction on this church started in 1592. Photo taken by me, May 2015.

Wordless Wednesday – Kuldīga Castle Guard House

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Guard house for the former Kuldīga Castle, Kuldīga, Latvia. The castle itself was mostly destroyed in the 18th century, only ruins remain today. Photo taken by me, May 2015.

Wordless Wednesday - Latvian Composers and Song Festival

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Monument to Latvian composers at Viesturdārzs (“Viesturs Park”) in northern Rīga, also the oldest park in the city (1711). It was the site of the first Latvian Song Festival, at the end of June, 1873. The monument was built in 1973, at the 100th anniversary of the song festival, and modified in […]

Wordless Wednesday – Statue of Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly

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Statue of Field Marshall Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly was a descendant of Scottish clan Barclay whose family had settled in the Russian Empire. His grandfather Peter was the mayor of Rīga for a time. As Field Marshall, Michael Andreas was the commander of the Russian army against Napoleon in the early […]

Wordless Wednesday – Grundtvigs Kirke, Copenhagen

It took some sleuthing to find which Danish church this was, but I finally found it! It is Grundtvigs Kirke in the Bispebjerg district of Copenhagen.

My great-aunt and grandmother in Grundtvigs Kirke in Copenhagen, c. 1948.

Wordless Wednesday – Post-Winter Hijinks, c. 1949

The results of last week’s snowball fight…. my grandmother and great-aunt are covered in snow, while it appears that my great-uncle has escaped serious snow damage. My grandfather has taken over holding the camera, who knows what he looks like!

Wordless Wednesday – Winter Hijinks, c. 1949

My great-uncle Jānis, my great-aunt Marta and my grandfather Aleks about to get up to some winter hijinks during what I believe is their first winter in Canada, c. 1949. Pay attention to the snowball in my grandfather’s hands! See the results of that snowball next week!

Wordless Wednesday – Winter Wonderland, c. 1946

My great-aunt Marta Jakstāne (born Līcīte) in a winter storm in Copenhagen, Denmark, c. 1946.

Wordless Wednesday – Christmas, c. 1955

My mother’s family at Christmas, c. 1955. My grandmother is seated on the left, my great-aunt Marta seated on the right. Great-uncle Jānis is holding my mother, who looks to be three or four in this photo. Grandfather Aleks would have been the photographer.