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In addition to my different research services, I also offer online courses on various aspects of Latvian genealogy and history. Registration and course starts are ongoing. All prices are in US dollars.



Is your New Year’s Resolution to get on track with your Latvian genealogy? Do you want a no-holds-barred intensive introduction to everything you need to know to get your research going? To read the records, and put all of the information together? Now’s your chance!

Just what you need to know to read the records – for historical context, why record types A or B or X exist, how people got farms and surnames and all that, go to my regular beginners’ courses. This is just to get you started into the records themselves.

What we will cover: Recognizing NAMES. Recognizing PLACES. Learning KEYWORDS. Understanding RECORD TYPES. And then put it all TOGETHER!

Five days. Five modules. If you’re ready to commit, and go go go for a week, then this is the course for you! All for the price of $49. Next session starts on Monday March 13, 2017.

The course will take place online, and will have a live chat/Skype component, scheduled as suits you, for some one-on-one training.

Register for the course here by filling out the form and clicking the Paypal button below, and then I will get back to you for more details! (If you don’t hear from me in two days, please confirm that you entered the right email address below, and send me an email at the email address above so I know how to contact you best!)

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