Latvian Surname Project

Squeaking in for Surname Saturday (in somebody else’s timezone…)…

Today, I bring you the launch of the Latvian Surname Project!

The most common search term that brings people to my blog is “Latvian surnames”. Therefore, I thought starting a resource on Latvian surnames and their meanings could be helpful to a lot of people.

So far, there are only 207 names, but this is a work in progress, and new names will be uploaded regularly. If you have any submissions, do share them! Guidelines are on the main page.

Any questions or comments, do let me know! If you have any other ideas for answers I should add to the FAQs on the main page, please mention them too. I’m not an expert (yet), but since there is a lack of information out there on Latvian surnames, especially information accessible to people who don’t speak Latvian, I thought this could be a good way for me to help people looking to get a start on learning about their Latvian ancestors.

Have fun! More project launches and updates to come – stay tuned!

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  1. Chelli:

    Great idea Antra! I wish this around when i first started searching!

    Dzerve = “Crane”, attested in Purmsati Pagast
    Veisbergs = “White Hills”
    Ziverts = Latvianized version of Danish/Norwegian/Swedish “Sieverts”, originally old German first name Siegwarts – Sieg meaning “victory” and wards meaning “guardian” – attested in Nikrace Pagast

  2. Chelli:

    Ooh, also:
    Melderis = “Miller”
    Zvejs/Zveja = “fish”
    Zvers/Zvera = “beast” (“Bear”?)

  3. Zigurd:

    Mednieks = “Hunter” From around Liepaja

  4. Ilze:

    Now it is time for the unveiling of my most ambitious project – the Latvian Record Project!
    That’s right, I’m working on transcribing and indexing all of the Latvian records that I can. I’m starting with Lutheran church records, and will move on to the Latvian portions of the All-Russia Census at some point.

    The only records [...]
    Antra, where is the rest of [...]???????????????

  5. Antra:


    Are you looking at the posts in “category” view? That is, the web address is If so, then just click on the title of the post and you can view the full post.

  6. crex:

    Runcis. I have no idea what this surname means and where it’s from.

  7. Antra:


    “Runcis” means “tomcat”. I haven’t seen it anywhere, but I can let you know if I do!

  8. crex:

    Thnx Antra, no need. I’m not related to Runcis. Stumbled across it in Sweden and just wanted to know what it meant.

  9. zrk:

    My family name in Sindlin. I don’t know what it means, but I’d love to find out. I know my family immigrated from Dvinsk, Latvia (Or Daugavpils I suppose). Anyway, I’ve also seen similar names like Sidlin, Sidline, Sindelin, Sindelin. We are of jewish descent. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  10. Antra:


    Sindlin or those similar names are not names I’m familiar with, but I’ll keep an eye out. If it is a Jewish name it is most likely Hebrew, German or Russian in origin, since it was not that common for Jewish people to take Latvian surnames (though it did sometimes happen). The name doesn’t appear in my book of German surnames though. It does however bear a resemblance to the Latvian word “sedliene”, which means “anticline, saddleback, saddle” (according to

    This book might help you – I have not used it myself, but I think it could have the answers you’re looking for. It appears to be widely available in libraries. There has been a lot of work done out there on Jewish surnames, so those books would have the expertise you’re seeking (most work that I do is with Lutheran records, so I have not had the opportunity to explore other records as much). Good luck!

  11. Brenda:

    Jurikas: Limbazi (I don’t know what it means)
    Tukums: Limbazi
    Freibergs: Malpils
    Indriksons: Malpils

  12. Karla:

    Hey hunny! You should add mine. Kampars. I know that there is a male and a female version. Apparently the female version is Kampare.

    My grandfather was from either in or around Liepaja, as was his family.

  13. Inta Jahn (nee Paura):

    My father (Jekabs Paura).He was born on 23 March 1924.the province closest province I have knowledge of is Kalnezeri, Bozzitten, Latvia, he went to school there in 1937. Does anyone know of any Latvians with the surname Paura?

  14. Antra:

    Hello Inta,

    I’m not familiar with the name “Paura”. I’ve never heard of a place called “Bozzitten” – are you sure that is the correct spelling? I’ve been looking for a “Bozzitten” for the past two days with no results. It is probably the German name for a place in Latvia, could it possibly be “Rositten” or “Rozitten” instead? That would be the German name for Rēzekne.

    Having the farm name, Kalnezeri, is good, since that will help pinpoint a specific place when the region is figured out. In the modern day there seem to be numerous farms called Kalnezeri in Latvia. I’m working on formulating a database of farm names in the inter-war period, so I can let you know if I come across a Kalnezeri while doing so. Best of luck!

  15. Carol:

    My husbands last name was Saulgozis. Any idea what this names means and perhaps where it’s from. I’m trying to find his family and so far no luck.

    Thank you

  16. Antra:


    Saulgozis is not a name I’m familiar with, unfortunately. I have not seen it anywhere yet. However, the word does mean “sunshine” in Latvian. When did your husband’s family leave Latvia? If they left during or after the Second World War, which is when most Latvians left, their naturalization documents in their new country should say where they were born.

  17. Ingrid:

    My late father’s surname was Sels, he was born in Leipaja on May 4 1924. I have had no luck with his surname when searching Latvian records, but it does pop up continually in Holland & Belgium. I do know his father had 3 brothers who all married but had no children.
    Also my mother’s grandparents were Albert Alphons Buhgin born in Griwa 5/5/1875 and Berta Natalie Palei born in Zohden 16/8/1882, married in Dubbeln on 30/5/1904. They had 2 children, my grandmother Erna born in Riga 3/5/1905 & Karl born in Riga 7/12/1907.
    I haven’t researched them as yet, as I only just located a church document dated 27/9/1943 with all the above details. The church is Sv. Gertrudes 1. Draudze, and the document is in German. What can you make of this?
    Ingrid Hickman

  18. Antra:


    “Sels” is most likely a variant of “Sēlis”. It is likely influenced by the Livonian dialect spoken in parts of Kurzeme (not the part that Liepāja is in, but people/dialect influences move about). “Sēlis” would mean “Selonian person” – the Selonians were one of the Baltic tribes that are the ancestors of modern-day Latvians.

    The rest I will answer via email.

  19. Dahrte:

    My submissions:

    Scheema (original as in a church record in German), attested in Kaucminde, Bauske parish. It is a surname (maiden) of my grand grand mother. There was also a farm in Kaucminde with that name.
    Tehrsen (original as in a church record in German), attested in Pommusch, Bauske parish. It is a surname of my grand grand father. There was a farm in Pommusch with that name. And still is, my grandmother lives there.

  20. Alison:

    Hi, My surname is Latvian and not included, please feel free to add – Vizulis = Tinsel, and my father was orginally from Baltinava,



  21. Brenda:

    My last name is paura and my family is from gomez palacios Durango. Everyone tells me they’ve never heard of my last name, which got me to wondering where the name comes from. Ur help would be greatly appriciated.

  22. Clare:

    Hi, my surname is Ozolins (not particularly interesting) however my grandmother’s maiden name was Vinkmanis and we (my family) don’t know as much about her side of the family – she was born in, or near, Jūrmala in 1913. I have a distant memory of a conversation with her when she said her name was Swedish in origin but I don’t know if this is correct or not.

    Thanks for a wonderful site – it’s been so difficult to find Latvian genealogical information, particularly for those of us who are have a Latvian background but don’t speak or read the language.

  23. Aleksandrs:

    Dear Antra!
    Thanks for yours jobs. My name is Kapusts. My grand father had name Kapusta Benedikt Mitvnevič (born 1847. Akremes saadž. Vīļanu pag.) Serching family roots, I had found a lot of Kapustow in Pland. Whot do you think about this family names?

  24. Antra:

    Sveiks Aleksandrs!

    Since kāposts/kapust/kapusta/etc. is a word in many Baltic and Slavic languages, I think it is just a coincidence that the name is popular in Poland as well. I have seen Kāposts as a Latvian surname, mostly in northern Vidzeme, and I suspect that Kapusts could be a spelling influenced by Latgalian (“kuopusts” is the equivalent word in Latgalian).

    But I am confused about your grandfather – is Kapusta his first name, or his surname? Is Mitvnevič a patronymic or a surname? I have not seen Kapusta as a first name.

  25. Kit:

    Hi… My grandparents emigrated to the US from Riga in the 60s. My last name is Balcuns, I did not see this on the list nor have I found very much on it in my research online. Any info would be much appreciated. Thankyou.

  26. Ian Marshall:

    Hello – I am trying to find the Bergwitz family. At least one whom , Hermann borne Riga 1845 was a sea captain and left Riga around 1870 and settled in Hull Yorkshire, England, marrying a local woman in 1873. They had about 8 children. I am a direct descendant. This appears to be a German name (non Jewish). Have you come across this name – if not do you have any suggestions as to how to find who the family was.
    Ian Marshall

  27. Antra:


    Balcuns is not a name that I have seen, unfortunately. Did they always live in Rīga? From the ending of the name, I would consider it likely to have origins more in the province of Latgale. Do you have information about your grandparents’ parents? Do you know where in Rīga they lived? There are various places that you could start your search. I would recommend reading my post Getting Started with Latvian Research.


    The best place for you to start would probably be in old church records. Now, Rīga is a large city and has many churches, so this search might take some time. You can view the old church records on Raduraksti. If they were German they were most likely Lutheran, so I would recommend starting with these churches: Rīgas Doma (Cathedral), Rīgas Jēzus, Daugavgrīvas, Rīgas Sv. Trīsvienības, Biķernieku, Rīgas Sv. Jāņa. These were the Rīga and Rīga area churches operational in 1845.

  28. Ian Marshall:

    Hi – great advice – I found the birth record in 10 minutes under Rigas Doma. There is a lot of information which I’m trying to decipher and understand. Are these records able to be inspected at the church as I’m planning to visit in 2011?

    Thanks very much for your help
    Ian Marshall

  29. Deb:


    Could you please add “Dalbing” (sometimes spelt Dalbin or Dalbinis) from Katlakalna Lutheran Church records.

    Muhrneek can also be found in Katlakalna Lutheran Church records.

    I don’t think this is a traditionally Latvian surname, but I did have Latvian ancestors who had the surname Roske (female) Roska (male).

    Great website! Thanks!

  30. Antra:


    I’m not sure if you’d be able to view them at the church, but you would at the Latvian State Historical Archives if you specify that you want to see the church books themselves (otherwise they may direct you back to Raduraksti). The Dom is the main cathedral of Rīga, however, and is open to visitors.


    Thank you for your additions!

  31. Juris Saulgozis:

    My name is Saulgozis and I have very impressive family tree. If you, Carola, is intersted to receive some information concerning Saulgozis, feel free to contact me by a e-mail

  32. Eriks Goodwin-Pfister:

    My family includes both the Graubics and Augskalns families–alas, I do not see these surnames in the list (yet). I believe that both were somewhere local to Saldus, Latvia.

  33. Mart:

    to Brenda

    Jurikas: Limbazi (I don’t know what it means) – its Estonian Jurikas correct Juurikas, mean: root, radix, race

    My realtives moved to Latvia in year 1837 to Pernigel/Liepule Sussikas, and they have name Maadna, moving inside Latvia from Sussikas to Neu-Salac to Alt-Salac and to Aloja name was changed from Maadna to Madna and last version was Madne in year 1875, but from Latvian surname list cant find similar name?

  34. Mart:

    to Ian Marshall

    Hello – I am trying to find the Bergwitz family. – one Bergwiz born on 03.11.1833 Riga Conrad Wilhelm Heinrich Bergwitz Estonian Pärnu Elisabeth church priest, you find hes deth 16.06.1881 Estonia, Pärnu he was married Marie Helene Frank from Saaremaa and they adopt 2 children (girls) one from my family, more details, send me email

  35. Mart:

    Estonian churches maked books about family letters, from raduraksti can find only similar books only german people and from saaga can find Documents of rural municipalities, it helps find people after revisjon lists 1858 with all family, but how find family who lived in latvia 1870-1920… any recommendations?

  36. Antra:


    Thanks for the additions!


    I am not familiar with the name Maadna. Does it mean something in Estonian? It is not a name I have seen anywhere.

    I am not sure what you mean by church books only with German people on Raduraksti… church books on Raduraksti have Germans, Latvians, Estonians, Russians, etc. The records you are looking at might be written in German, but that doesn’t mean that the people were ethnic Germans. I think I know what you mean by “documents of rural municipalities”, and Latvian records do have those, but they are not scanned onto Raduraksti yet. You would need to go to Rīga and go to the Latvian State Historical Archives to view them.

  37. Mart:

    Hi Antra,

    Estonian churches maked books about family letters – you: I am not sure what you mean by church books only with German people on Raduraksti… – meen in german language: “Personalishen Buchen”, inside all family by family name.

  38. Mart:

    question: are by Latvian manors have to similar website, or simthing like similar?

  39. Ian Marshall:

    Hello Mart.

    Conrad Bergwitz was borne in the same era as my ancestors. I have traced a number in the Rudaraksti – but I’ve not seen Conrad. I’ve only looked at the Doma records for Riga, so there are other churches to look at.

    Do you have more info – eg his father or a church location There do not seem to be that many Berwgitz names in the record in Riga and all I’ve found so far have been related, so there’s a good chance Conrad is related to my ancestors.

    I am in England.

  40. Mart:

    only that information what here: – all can got from Estonian digital chursh documents – SAAGA from Pärnu Elisabeth

  41. Bob:

    I’m trying to do some research for my daughter’s school project on our family tree and ancestors. Unfortunately I’m coming up with nothing on my surname and was hoping you could shed some light. My last name is ‘Szper’ and my great grandfather was from Latvia, I think from around Daugavpils. I would greatly appreciate if you had anything or could point in the right direction to find some information..

    Thanks .

  42. Chris:


    is there a latvian surname called:

    Kartinbeck or Kartinbeek ?

    Best regards,

  43. Chris:

    I am looking for a place called “Luhkan mahja” or “Lukan maja” in the town Jaunpils
    Does anyone know what this means?

  44. robert cunningham:

    My Grandad was named Roberts Ukermarks, married to Anna ??? (I do not know her maiden name) but I do know they came from Valmiera region and from a farm. Grandad had 4 daughters in Rasma, Rudite, Vaida and Ausma. Rasma is living in Toronto and she said that they were moved into Germany during the Russian invasion in 1940 so I know the family was in the Valmiera area until then but I know nothing more especially of the surname and I can not find anything further.

  45. Olivia:

    добрый день!! У меня сохранилось свидетельство о конфирмации деда в 1892 г , который родился в Умурге 27 сентября 1873 г , я нашла в метрической книге на Raduraksti запись о рождении и крещении Jahn Ohlin . У Вас этой фамилии в мужском роде нет , только Олина , Ола, / яйцо / Подскажите , как искать сестру моего деда Ольгу и сына Адольфа? Кто то сможет сделать мне перевод с латвийского С уважением и благодарностью за Ваш труд. Ольга

  46. Wolf Rankis:

    I would like to submit the name “Rankis”. I do not know its meaning, but I understand it may be German in origin, and then “Latvianized.” Rankis is found in Riga and Bauska that I am aware of. There are a number of Rankis’ that immigrated to the U.S.A. and Canada at the same time (around 1951), to different places, yet none of whom are apparently related to each other.

  47. Mart:

    to Chris: maja meen in estonian House Lukan/Luhkan I think from name Lukas, in estonian its meen Lukan house…

  48. Mart:

    Olivia, kogda etot sestra Olga i syn Adolf rodilis, latviskoja i estonskaja metrika s goda 1890 vsjo ruskom jazyke, tam perevod ne nada, kak sestru naiti, dobav ego rodovomu godu 19 let i s etogo goda nachinai peresmotret brakovoje chast metriki, ja vse svoi rodcviniki tak iskaju, bomagajet ishjo smotret revisjon dokumente, tam vidna jesli ktota kudata druguju mestu pojehal.

  49. Britta:

    I would like to submit the last name “Seisums”, like Rankis (see above) this is germanic in origin and has been “latvianized,” I also am not sure what the meaning is, and was hoping someone could help me find out.

  50. Dre:

    Can you add the last name, Meikša, to your project? I have no idea where the surname originates from, and I’d like to know more about its meaning. Thank you.

  51. Warren Hellwig:

    I am trying to trace the HELLWIG family from the 1871 era in what is now called Ventspills

  52. Brigita:

    Hi I’m trying to find out more information on my family from Latvia. On my fathers side.
    His name was Miervaldis Kargans who was born 3rd Janruary 1924 He had a brother Rollands who was killed in the second world war. His father was called Alfred and mother called Leontine. My father was put into a DP camp too and came accross to England docking at Hull. Sadly he died in 1981 but want to find out more about him:D He used to play for Venta basket ball team too. Many thanks Brigita:D

  53. Saulius:

    Is it Latvian surname Stakutis, or Стыкутов?


  54. Antra:


    Please read my blog post Getting Started with Latvian Research if you are looking for tips on finding your ancestors.

    Hellwig sounds like a German name. Were your ancestors ethnic Latvians or Baltic Germans?


    I would also recommend reading my guide to getting started in Latvian research (link above in comment to Warren). By contacing the ITS you should be able to get his DP paperwork so that you can get started on your research. Let me know if you have any further questions.


    I have not heard of the name Stakutis, but it could be a Latvian name. The grammatical endings are correct, though it could also be Lithuanian. Latvian does not use the Cyrillic alphabet, so Стыкутов would not be how that name would be written if it belonged to a Latvian, it might be written Stikutov. This sounds like a Russian name, though it could be held by a Latvian since a number of Latvians took Slavic-sounding surnames when it was time to choose surnames.

  55. Saulius:

    In 19 century in Lithuania and Latvia was used Cirillic in church books.
    Стыкутовы were near from Asune (its from also in books from Debeikiai (near Anykščiai, LT) it was written the same.

    Also thank you for Latvian suggestion


  56. Antra:

    Ah, okay, I thought you meant that was how it was written now. In church books, writing in Russian (and therefore Cyrillic alphabet) for Lutheran parishes only really started in the 1890s in Latvia (and some parishes never made the switch, sticking to German instead), but Orthodox parishes already used Russian. I am not sure about other religious denominations, or how it was done in Lithuania.

  57. kathrie:

    Hi, I am pulling my hair out researching Gudziunaite from Libau, Latvia. She had a daughter Valle born in 1920. I would appreciate any direction or help.

  58. Alison:

    Hi, I have added my fathers name on here before (Aloizs Vizulis). His Parents were called Meikuls and Veronika. I am now trying to trace any family members and would appreciate any help at all? Thanks, Alison

  59. carol:

    I am married to a Latvian…I am trying to find the marriage information of Mikelis Jansons b 19 Oct 1877 [possibly in Liepajas] his father was Stephan Jansons[no info on him or his wife Anna Rehrich}. Mikelis married Anna Karklins b.18Nov 1893.she d. 03 may 1960 Maywood, IL, USA. he d.9Nov1964 Maywood, IL,USA. Anna’s parents were Jukum Karklins and Ilse Niedrite.No info on these folk either.
    Am also trying to find info on Peteris Dolfijs and Kristina Upite/upit these folks remained in Latvia and died there…I have no info other than Peteris was a sexton of a church…thank you for any information you might have.

  60. Benny:

    My last name is krastins and i just found my last name on your database. It says ‘by the coast’. I have been told my grandfather that it originates from ‘blacksmith’. Could this be possible or similar in any way?

  61. Anna:

    Hi, my boyfriend’s grandfather was from Latvia. His surname was Vingra or Wingra. Do you know anything about that name? What it means, etc?

  62. andrew branson:

    After any information on lativan surnames assmanis , jozovskis, and brancis.

    after any information on marriage of elfrida assmanis to august jozovskis, about 1943-1944 , august later died in the war xmas eve 1944 . any information on teodors brancis too pllz

  63. Alisha:

    Hi there,

    My grandfather is Latvian. He was forced to fight for German army during WWII and never returned home to Latvia. Therefore he never saw his family again, so this is why I am searching to try and discover where his family may have ended up.

    His surname is Ruks, I am told a very popular Latvian name. My mother heard through someone that there are lots of “Ruks’” in USA.

    I would appreciate any help on this….


  64. Mackenzie:

    I have one surname to suggest. This is the name of my boyfriend’s great-grandmother who emmigrated to the United States in the 1950′s after living in a refugee camp in German and being sponsored by another Latvian family living here.

    The surname is: Pernics (Not sure if this is the correct Latvian spelling).

    Thanks! This is an amazing site!

  65. Ernests Vizulis:

    Cien. Antra! Apskatījos Jūsu sarakstu ar latviešu uzvārdiem, un konstatēju, ka tajā nav mana :) VIZULIS (tas ir cēlies no Baltinavas, Zelču/Zeļču ciema). Iepriekš pateicos, Ernests

    P.S. Pavisam nesen, es palīdzēju kādai sievietei, kurai tēvs (Aloizs Vizulis) 2. pasaules kara laikā bija devies bēgļu gaitās, un nokļuva UK. Pēc tēva nāves šī sieviete (kura starpcitu 16-Jun-2010 ir ierakstījusi komentāru Jusu mājas lapā), nesen mani uzrunāja “facebook”, ar lūgumu noskaidrot kaut ko par viņas tēva izcelsmi. Un nedaudz vēlāk arī tika atrasti Latvijā dzīvojošie radi (māsīcas/brālēni).

  66. Karl Zaldats:

    I saw your listing of Latvian names and even more interested that you have our surname, “ZALDATS” listed!!!!

    My father and his family Lived in Jaunlutrini, Saldus … and we are struggling to find anyone else with our surname

  67. A.K.Das:

    I am from India, I do some Wellness Activity for under developed countries, resent a fund allotted for a person from Latvia who’s surname mentioned as Dee Vee which may be short form of his surname. Due to incomplete surname it’s difficult to disburse the allotted fund to the person.
    If anybody can say the actual surname against Dee Vee then it’ll be helpful for the person to get the fund.
    Please note the person may be migrated from neighboring Country.

  68. judy gray:

    hello im looking for my mothers maiden name which is MUNCIS and grandmothers which is DANIELIS…they were displaced latvians sent to germany to many dp camps….came to uk england in 1950..

  69. Antons:

    hi i need help with deadend of my research do you have a contact email i can contact u privatly on ?

  70. Maris Ulmkalns:

    My oldest known ancestor Pēteris Ulmkalns was born after the turn of the 18th century. The only data that we have about him is that he had two sons. The elder was named Mačs (roughly pronounced: Match) who in 1795 lived at the Ulms’ farmstead with his three daughters: Laža (born 1781), Greta (1791) and Līze (1790).

    Ulms farmstead still exist, now called Ulmi –

  71. Ele:

    Hi all!
    I am interested in names Burkewitz, Freyman, Zivert, Dzebra/Žebra, Kampe.

  72. rosalie:

    My grandmother was kapust and my great grandfather hinz…both born in the 19th century in riga

  73. Fritsis Bernats:

    Hej, hittar inte mitt efternamn i registret o undrar om någon vet något om detta, är född 1938 kom till Sverige okt. 1944


    Heter även Imants

  74. Frank Grombir:

    Hi, I am doing some research on the post-war Baltic European Volunteer Workers into Britain (West Yorkshire) and would like you to ask you if you could confirm the national origin of some surnames. Some of them might be Lithuanian or Estonian.

    These are definitely Latvian surnames:
    Hamanis, Legzdainis, Stulmanis, Nabrovskis, Purrins, Sumanis

    I am not sure about these:
    Kuskali, Koidu, Masnig, Madej, Messond, Daniloczkin, Ejlersen, Kugenieks, Madej, Nugis, Nurk, Ounpuu, Raitare, Penter, Rypp, Sormus, Saame, Salmins, Nagel

    Could you help me, please?


  75. Linda Kargane:

    Labdien Antra,
    Meklējot informāciju par saviem radiem uzgāju šo rakstu:

    March 15th, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    Hi I’m trying to find out more information on my family from Latvia. On my fathers side.
    His name was Miervaldis Kargans who was born 3rd Janruary 1924 He had a brother Rollands who was killed in the second world war. His father was called Alfred and mother called Leontine. My father was put into a DP camp too and came accross to England docking at Hull. Sadly he died in 1981 but want to find out more about him:D He used to play for Venta basket ball team too. Many thanks Brigita:D

    vēlētos uzzināt šīs sievietes e-pasta adresi, ja tas ir iespējams, jo esmu viņas tēva puses radiniece…

  76. Svetlana:

    Буркевиц из Митавы и Риги. Имена Женни, Вольфганг,Карин. Жили после 1920 года в Литве.

  77. David Hemmings:

    Seeking any information on Israel Georgii Illis who married Leise Ruth Itzigsohn. They had at least two children:
    Edouard Illis, born (when?) in Goldringen, Kurliga and died in France.
    Samuel (Sacha) Illis, born 4 Jun 1881 in Goldringen, Kurliga and died 22 Jan 1934 in Stepney, London, England. He married on 7 Jun 1913 in Antwerpen, Belgium to Betsey Mager, born 8 Sep 1886 in Stepney, London, England and died abt 1976 in London, England, daughter of Mayer Magyar and Rebekka Yettra.
    Thanks, David

  78. diana rohlfing:

    Hi my name is diana luters Iam trying to find ky fathers side of the family. My fathers mother and father were otilija nee,luters and andrejs luters. My great grang parents were davis luters and katrina strazdins luters. and my other great grand parents were karlis zarins and anna nee,ganins zarins. Please Help me find my family. youcan reach me at

  79. diana rohlfing:

    antra iam looking for family members that are still living. that live in latvia. And I also want to no about my great grands that are gone. I hope you can help me. I have a uncle that I never met who was left behind when my grandparents were trying to get to the boats to come to the usa.He got lost on the way.

  80. Margret McPharlin:


  81. George:


    I just ran across this website and noticed that zrk SINDLIN is looking for similar names. My father Boris Sidlin(e) was born in Kreutzburg (Kruspils) in 1885 when Latvia was occupied by Russia. The family is Jewish. There seem to be two main branches of the family with roots in Dvinsk (Daugavpils). I have a theory about the origin of the name suspecting it has roots in Alsace-Lorraine where many names ended in inger, e.g. Kissinger, Basinger, Sidlinger, etc., who moved eastward to the Baltic states sometime in the 18th century, dropping along the way the ger ending giving the resulting names, Kissin, Basin, Sidlin, a Russian flavor.

    I would be interested in comparing notes.

  82. Olita Stewart [nee Ziberts]:

    My father[Paulis Ziberts] left Latvia during the war[early1940's?]never to return.
    Arrived in Australia late 1940′s. I don’t know the full name of any living [or dead relative] from his family.Both parents died over thirty years ago. I am desperate to find my roots! Can you help? My brother,recently told me that he thought our father
    was born in Kalvins 1912? March20th. He also found on the net recently a name which he thinks could be our grandfather. Arturis Ziberts [or Siebert] born 4th Sept.1869.
    Thanks again.

  83. Rebekah MARKHAM:

    Hi, my great grandfather was Aleksander Krilovs, a naval captain from Latvia who emigrated to Sweden and died at sea in 1928. Nothing else is known about his ancestry.

    Surname: KRILOVS

  84. bernard spiegel:

    my family spells their name as FRANCER. any info regarding the family. grandfather is arthur francer.

  85. Eve:

    My Father was Latvian – our name is Disleris – I have been told more than once that this is not a Latvian name! Please could someone help me?
    Please add Disleris (should have a “v” above the first s – but i have no idea how to do that on my laptop) to your list – many thanks!

  86. Steve:

    Hi – I am a High School teacher who regularly does a lesson with new pupils about the history of the surnames. This year we have a Latvian boy whose surname is Kokarevics – can anyone help with its meanings/origins?


  87. Teri:

    My dad is from Latvia, Im thinking he was born near Riga in 1937. I dont know much about his past as he doesnt talk about it but he came to the US with his parents Roberts Kruminliepa and Vilma approximately in 1945? his name is Verners E Kruminliepa. Any information would be helpful!! thank you

  88. Laura:


    I am beginning to trace my family tree. My granddad left Latvia when he was 17, and arrived in England after the 2nd world war. His surname was Putka. Please could you confirm if this is a Latvian surname as it is not listed on your website.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

  89. Kurt:

    I am currently in the middle of doing my Latvian research. All of my grandparents came from Kurland between 1905 and 1911 emigrating to Boston, Massachusetts. I am surounded by Latvian surnames in my reserch. My grandparents on my father’s side were Riekstin and Frank from Piltane and Windau respectively. My grandparents on my mother’s side were Eida and Resewski from Kerchos and Talsi respectively. Then there is a group of great aunts and great uncles; Weinberg from Windau, Fitler from Kowno, Gross and Jeksevic from Bukoshi, and Osol from Tals. It is a difficult and long search with many twists and turns.

    Best Regards

  90. Chris Akenfelds:

    My surname is Latvian. However, the original spelling was “Akerfelds” and the name probably comes from the Skrunda area.

  91. Allison Kazakevics:

    I would be interested to know whether you have any idea, where Kazakevics surname is from.
    Both relatives from Latvia.
    Or surname Kaufmanis please.

  92. Zanda:

    Hi! I didn’t find my surname in the database: Gailums. It’s an old surname from Latgale region, originated in Nautrēni parish (~30 km from Rēzekne town), where is also Gailumi lake and Gailumi parish. The first records with this surname I’ve found when researching my family tree date to 1860s, but I suppose this surname is older.

  93. Sheryl Krahn:

    Hi – I have three Latvian surnames I could use all the help I can get in determining their meanings, and I would appreciate any help you can provide. Those surnames are as follows …

    “Louisa Veldums” (americanized to “Louise Weldum” through her brothers): According to her husband’s naturalization documents, she was born in “Priekule, Asilt, Latvia” in 1874.

    “Jānis Mandeiķis” (americanized to “John Mondeik”): I have not yet figured out where in Latvia this branch of the family was born but she married a fella who was born in Jelgava, Latvia so perhaps she is from the same region(?).

    “Zanders Kleinbergs” (americanized to “Samuel Kleinberg”): He was born in Jelgava, Latvia in 1858.

    “Jānis Klajums” (americanized to “John Klayum”): It is my understanding this surnames means “a clearing in the woods, such as a meadow or glen.” Could you confirm?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

  94. john berzins:

    I am trying to contact relatives of my father yanis berzins he came from Limbazi AND WAS ABOUT 15 When he was taken to serve in the war so I think he was born 1927-8-9 or 1930 he was son of a farmer he had sisters one a teacher one a doctor I think, maybe Erna after the war he came to England and never returned I would love to visit old generation and new generation.if possible.

  95. Brian Brownfield:

    Our family name appears to be Braunfeld, changed to Brownfield upon coming into canada from the US. They came from Talsen area. Just looking through your surnames and only found Braun which translates to Brown, and read about your farm related names. Very interesting. Wondered if you could help.

  96. Susan Hiles:

    Just found this possible connection to my husband’s great grandfather Weinberg. His great grandmother’s maiden name was Susman. I noticed Kurt’s message above mentions Weinbergs from Windau. This is so exciting because I have been trying to find a connection to the “old world” for years for the Weinbergs/Susmans. They settled in Bay City, Michigan in 1891. Please let me know if you have any recommedations to find where they immigrated from. Thanks!

  97. karl s:

    My mother’s side of the family maiden surname is Seisums. My mother Velta Leontine had a brother Alfred who died in Canada around 1963. I’d like to find out more about her ancestry.

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