As mentioned in my June 14 Day of Remembrance post a few days ago, June 17 is the day that Latvia was invaded by the Soviet Union in 1940. It is an official remembrance day, and is also one that requires the display of the Latvian flag (with the black ribbon of mourning) on all public and private buildings.

For those who want to read more on this period of Latvian history: The Latvian Institute has a page on these events, and Wikipedia also has a good overview.

For those planning trips to Latvia, it is imperative to visit the Occupation Museum, to learn more about this first Soviet occupation period, as well as the Nazi occupation and the second Soviet occupation that lasted until 1991. It is hard to miss – it is the giant grey and black bunker in the Old Town of RÄ«ga.

Do you or your relatives have stories to share about the occupation of Latvia? Any memories of this day? Share in comments.

Day of Remembrance – Occupation Day
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  • August 21, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    I am trying to trace a relatives family history,we know that his father is latvian and his surname is sukulis but we cant find any meaning of the name.Any ideas of the meaning of the name would be great to hear.

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