In this series, I am sharing photographs that I took of graves while I was in Latvia. All have death dates prior to 1945, and I have no further information on the people mentioned.

Names: Mārtiņš Strazdiņš, born September 9, 1841, died May 4, 1896; Matilda Daugan born Strazdiņš, born October 24, 1870, died October 24, 1938.

Location: Dubulti cemetery, JÅ«rmala.

My transcription is in modern orthography, while the writing on the tombstone is in old orthography. It is clear that the inscriptions for the two people were done at different times – the second does not appear to be as skilled at the writing style as the first one. It is possible that this style of writing on tombstones had gone out of style in the intervening time period.

Tombstone Tuesday – Strazdiņš Family
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