I will be heading to Latvia again in the fall, so I am available to help you in a variety of different ways.

The different services I can offer are outlined in this post from last winter. All prices in Canadian dollars. Send email to: (Note: this is an image to prevent spam. You will need to type it into your email program. If you’re uncertain if I’ve received your message, leave a comment here to confirm.) Some highlights:

Compilation of Sources: Planning on going to Latvia yourself sometime soon to conduct some research? Want to know specifically what kind of resources might be available for you to use for your research, so you can make the most of your time? $25 per rural parish or small town, $50 per larger town/city. Not sure which category your town would fall under? Send me an email and I will let you know. Note: This service is not available for Rīga, Daugavpils, Liepāja, Jelgava or Jūrmala. These cities are just too big to be able to cover everything.

Research: I will take on some research projects. $20 an hour, please contact me for further details. We will need to discuss what specifically you are looking to learn and gain from the research, so that you can get the most out of your money.

Parish Histories: Want a resource compiled for a specific parish? You can sponsor a parish for $50. See earlier post for more details.

And new offerings…

Evaluation and Organization of Information: Have a lot of documents already? Not sure how they all fit together? Not sure where to start your research, or whether the sources you have for certain pieces of information are reliable? For $50 I will help you organize your data and provide suggestions on how to proceed. I will help you figure out what family information is verifiable from your documents, and then which information from your family stories still needs to be verified before it can be accepted as truth. This latter part is particularly important, since if you start research with incorrect information, it will lead you down the completely wrong road and waste a lot of time and money.

Family Tree Art: Interested in turning your family tree into a work of art? Contact me and I could make it happen! Note: Fulfillment of this request would take place either before or after the trip to Latvia. Prices vary depending on size and complexity.

Self-Guided Tour: Planning a trip to Latvia in the near future? Want to make sure you visit all the ancestral sites relevant to your family? By using both modern and historical maps, as well as traveling to the locations myself, I will compile a tour for you. $150 per distinct area (that is, if you want a tour for the area around Limbaži and the area around Dobele, that will be $300, but if you’re interested in a number of parishes right around Limbaži, that will still only be $150 since they are nearby). Note: I will only locate farmsteads/homes from the road, I will not enter the properties. If, during the course of your tour, you choose to make contact with current residents in the hope of locating relatives, that is under your own discretion, risk and responsibility.

Ancestral Trails Art: Did your ancestors move a lot? Want a piece of artwork that shows the movements of your ancestors across Latvia? Or maybe the travels of one ancestor across the world? Contact me, and we can discuss your needs. Again, this will be done before or after the trip, and prices vary depending on size and complexity.

Any other work you might be interested in? Contact me and we can discuss it! I’m open to all sorts of projects. References from past clients are available.

It’s That Time Again!
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