In this series, I am providing pictures of tombstones from Latvian cemeteries, all with death dates prior to 1945. I do not have any further information on the people mentioned.

Photo taken by me, September 2012. Click to enlarge.

Name: Kārlis Rozenbergs, born January 6, 1856, died March 28, 1909

Bottom Inscription: “Esi uzticÄ«gs lÄ«dz nāvei, tad es tevÄ«m doÅ¡u to dzÄ«vÄ«bas kroni” (“Be faithful until death, then I will give you the crown of life”)

Location: Torņakalns cemetery, Rīga

Words on the tombstone are in old Latvian orthography, my transcription is in modern orthography.

Tombstone Tuesday – Kārlis Rozenbergs, 1856-1909
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