What do we have for today’s Surname Saturday? A new content category on the Latvian Surname Project!

If you’ve stopped by the Latvian Surname Project recently, you may have happened across some of the work I’ve been doing adding surnames from some of the earliest estate revision lists. I’m adding these for two reasons: One, because these revision lists are some of the earliest sources of surnames that we have, and thus it is important to keep track of them to see how people and their surnames migrated from place to place, and two, because there are a lot of surnames that I don’t have entered into the Project itself yet, for a variety of reasons (time and uncertainty about the meaning are the main culprits here). But it is still important to see where surnames came from, so at least the bare minimum of information – that is, the name – will appear on these estate pages, even if they don’t have their own separate surname pages yet. All in good time!

So you can see this new category here – right now I only have a few added, but this number will grow with time!

Surname Saturday – Estates are Live on the Latvian Surname Project!
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