In this series, I am providing pictures of tombstones from Latvian cemeteries, all with death dates prior to 1945. I do not have any further information on the people mentioned.

Photo taken by me, October 2012. Click to enlarge.

Names: Augusts Cinitis, born December 8, 1888, died June 16, 1925; Emma Cinite (maiden name Asars), born August 11, 1888, death date unspecified

Bottom Inscription: Nāve sit gan rētas dziļas, Kad tā izšķir sirdis mīļas, Bet aiz nāves vārtiem tās, Atkal mīļi satiekās. (Death creates scars deep, That separate hearts dear, But beyond the gates of death, They lovingly meet again.)

Location: Meža kapi, Rīga

I’m always left wondering when I find a gravestone like this… the second person on the tombstone is certainly deceased, based on her date of birth, but why was she not buried here? Did she remarry, and is buried with her new husband? If so, why didn’t someone come and update this stone, even if she was buried elsewhere? Did she leave the country, either by choice or by force, and thus her fate is unknown? So many questions!

Tombstone Tuesday – Augusts and Emma Cinitis
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