This is part of my series of interesting newspaper articles that I find in the old Latvian newspapers available through Periodika. Most of the articles I post are in some way related to migration, wars or other events that are of particular genealogical note.

Source: Pieci Santīmi (Five Cents), the evening edition of Pēdejais Brīdis (Last Minute), November 25, 1927

Inheritance in America. The General-Consul in New York tells us that a Joe Propokovičs died in 1924, in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, leaving an estate of approximately 1370 dollars. The deceased has brothers and sisters that live in Latvia, but their place of residence is unknown. The sisters are Anna and Sofija, the brothers are Kārlis and PÄ“teris. Anyone who has the rights to the estate left by the deceased is asked to turn to the Foreign Ministry’s legal counsel.

Calculated into today’s currency, that $1370 would be about $17,500 – not an insignificant sum. I wonder if Joe Propokovičs’ family was ever located.

Five Cents – November 25, 1927
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