Eightieth installment from the diary of my great-grandfather’s sister Alise, written during the First World War. When the diary starts, she is living just a few miles from the front lines of the Eastern Front, and is then forced to flee with her husband and two young daughters to her family’s house near Limbaži as the war moves even closer. Her third child, a son, was born there in February 1916. The family has now relocated (again) to a home near Valmiera, and the Russian Revolution is in full swing. For more background, see here, and click on the tag “diary entries” to see all of the entries that I have posted.

If there is mention of a recognizable historical figure and event, I will provide a Wikipedia link so that you can read more about the events that Alise is describing. It is with this entry here that the calendar in Latvia changed from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar.

November 1, 1918

I was in Valmiera to visit the seamstress, so that I could try on the furs that I’m having made for the cold winter ahead. I went to Betty’s grave, which was covered with colourful fall chrysanthemums. Admiring the wealth of flowers, it proved just how loved and respected Betty was. It is good to die in autumn, right at the time of the best flowers. Life is good, the time of flowers is good, if only they weren’t both so ethereal…

WW1 Diary – November 1, 1918
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