Surname Saturday – Surnames of Jumurda Estate, 1826

The Latvian names here are the usual suspects – all of the really common ones, as well as a number of other often-seen names. The more unusual ones are Blīgzniņš (diminutive of “goat-willow”), Salpetris (saltpeter) and Sudrabiņš (diminutive of “silver”). Of the unknowns, I have the suspicion that “Lissums”, “Skarrs” and “Zaubuling” are all of Latvian origin as well, but their connections to Latvian words are tenuous.

Is your family from Jumurda estate? When did they leave? Where did they go? Share your stories in comments!

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  1. crex:

    Johansons sounds like a swedish patronymic, Johansson.

  2. Antra:

    That is also possible. I usually use “Germanic” rather than “German”, which would be more accurate to encompass Swedish, Danish, etc. as well. I’ll change that now.

  3. Margret McPharlin:

    Thank you for posting this page. Is it possible the thE “GRAPIS” could be “GRASIS”.


  4. Mara Bredovska:

    I’m feeling that “Wizau”could be derivative from Polish…
    Apparently, that’s where I ended up with “Bredovskis”. Somewhere, somehow my ancestors got close to some Poles, either biologically or otherwise, so we ended up with a Latvian version of a polish name.

  5. Antra Johansons:

    Thanks for info on my name

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