Tracking down your ancestors’ activities in interwar Latvia can be tricky. The official records are not online. Any birth, marriage or death record needs to be obtained from a registry office, either by going in person (cheapest), ordering through an embassy (expensive, or direct from the registry office if you’re lucky) or by asking someone in Latvia to do it for you (still cheap, but you will need to provide them with a power of attorney, which could cost money).

What to do if you can’t do those steps above? Well, there are a few options, and most of them involve the newspapers on Periodika. Many births, marriages and deaths were listed in these newspapers. Banns were also published. They are not exhaustive, but if your ancestor lived in a bigger town or city (more likely in the interwar period than earlier), you could still find who you’re looking for. When searching, keep in mind that even though the new orthography and script had been developed at that time, many newspapers were still written in the old style, probably since that was what people were used to.

I’m starting a new series here on the blog, where every Sunday I will provide the banns read in Rīga that I’ve been able to find for that week. Why Rīga? Searching for Rīga records can be a needle in a haystack, since it is so big, so unless you know precisely where your ancestor lived, it can be difficult to track them down (unless you’re lucky enough to find a passport for them that lists their residence). So every little bit helps when dealing with Rīga.

Keep in mind that the reading of the banns doesn’t necessarily mean that the couple got married, or that they got married in Rīga, but they can be a guide to tracking down when and where your ancestors were at that time. In many cases, these lists provide the occupation of the groom and where the bride and groom were from.

So, without further ado…

March 16, 1925 (published in Rīgas Ziņas [Rīga News], March 17, 1925)

  • Spinner Kārlis Otto Kūsis (Dobele) and Olga Berķis (Rīga)
  • Builder Jānis Tērauds (Raiskums) and Anna Vītoliņš (Rīga)
  • Table-maker Jānis Hermanis Sviķe (Liepāja) and Anna Matilda Lasmanis (Rīga)
  • Merchant Rudolfs Melups (Vecpiebalga) and Anna Leontine Schreiber (Rīga)
  • Mason Indriķis Ronis (Naudīte) and Anna Rācenis (Aknīste)
  • Locksmith Miķelis Landorfs (Sāte) and Gotlibe Selma Gatenieks (Tume)
  • Concrete-layer Krišjānis Rozentāls (Rīga) and Otilija Selma Priede (Kalnciems)
  • Farmer Ervins Wilhelms Švarckopfs (Birze) and Amalija Lole (Cēsis)
  • Fitter Mārtiņš Alberts Ronis (Rīga) and Amalija Julija Mikelšteins (Rīga)
  • Bookkeeper Samuels Lintiņš (Kalnamuiža) and Irma Cecilija Trumpītis (Jelgava)
  • Bernhards Fridrichs Hardviks (Sala) and Ellen Anna Elasov (Rīga)
  • Shoemaker Voldemārs Grinvalds (Rīga) and Nadedža Fleischer (Vilnius)
  • Indriķis Voldemārs Rozentāls (Rīga) and Ženija Veker (Liepāja)
  • Jānis Alberts Čurkste (Rīga) and Emma Kristīne Priedītis (Rīga)
  • Officer Teodors Bruno Galdiņš (Rīga) and Millija Alise Zariņš (Rīga)
  • Butcher Alfreds Beks (Liepkalne) and Emilija Gadsans (Rīga)

March 18, 1925 (published in Latvijas Vēstnesis [Latvian Herald], March 19, 1925)

  • Farmer Jēkabs Mieziņš (Smiltene) and Emma Wilhelmine Rauzenbergs (Rīga)
  • Merchant Viktors Blūms (Asīte) and Elizabete Černevskis (Gulbene)
  • Pastor Roberts Heinrichs Rauks (Rīga) and Irena Matilda Durst (Jumurda)
  • Shoemaker Ansis Bulmers (Zaļenieki) and Marta Andersons (Rīga)
  • Clerk Edgars Baumanis (Rīga) and Eleonor Selma Kroeger (Rīga)
  • Scribe Aleksandrs Kārlis Pētersons (Rīga) and Tonija Sietnieks (Rūjiena)
  • Shoemaker Eduards Jānis Mūrnieks (Talsi) and Lilija Stankevics (Jaunpils)
  • Surveyor Jānis Kārlis Veisbergs (Vircava) and Marija Auguste Liepiņš (Pēternieki)
  • Officer Aleksandrs Fricis Andersons (Kuldīga) and Julija Sibietis (Liepāja)
  • Technician Jānis Alfreds Sirmais (Gulbene) and Anna Emīlija Ābeltiņš (Gulbene)
  • Teacher Žanis Rudolfs Krūms-Krūmiņš (Kursīši) and Emīlija Pauksta (Jaunjelgava)
  • Ironcaster Juris Briedis (Sala) and Bogumila Dirbe (Kurmene)
  • Clerk Jēkabs Weiss (Piņķi) and Berta Dambe (Liepupe)
  • Metalworker Eduards Čukurs (Rūjiena) and Berta Marija Brencis (Rūjiena)
  • Worker Eduards Osis (Suntaži) and Anna Pauline Kalniņš (Allaži)

Did this post help you find your ancestors? Do let me know!

Rīga Banns, Week of March 17, 1925
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