In this series, I am providing pictures of tombstones from Latvian cemeteries, all with death dates prior to 1945. I do not have any further information on the people mentioned.

Photo taken by me, October 2012. Click to enlarge.

Name: Mārtiņš, son of Brežs, Gutmans, born March 2, 1869, died March 26, 1923

Bottom Inscription: “Dusi!… Tavu bālo seju rotā smaidi, Å Ä·iet – Tu saldu sapni sapņotu, Nobeigti ir visi sāpju vaidi, IzgaisuÅ¡i lÄ«dz ar dzÄ«vÄ«bu” (Sleep!… Your pale face is decorated with smiles, It seems that you dream happy dreams, Finished are the cries of pain, Vanished along with life)

Location: Meža kapi, Rīga

Tombstone Tuesday – Mārtiņš Gutmans, 1869-1923
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